Photography started for Levi as a means of admiration. flipping through his family’s scrapbooks, he became interested in the ability to capture memories to be able to look back at them whenever. This admiration eventually turned into curiosity. In high school being an avid Tumblr user (the social media and online blog website), he would spend hours scrolling through photos thinking how did they make these photos. At some point, thanks to having a few friends who owned cameras and getting to hold a professional camera in his hands, he decided he needed to look into getting a camera of his own. The summer after his junior year of high school he worked at a summer camp in order to make money to purchase a camera and with the help of his mother was able to do so. Levi's  junior year of high school he joined the newspaper and as assigned to photograph football games. From there, his passion for capturing moments grew into a passion for all things photography. 

My work

Levi Thompson is a live music, event, and portrait photographer based in Austin, Texas. His current and past music clients include Scoremore Shows, Djbooth, the official SXSW photography team, Resound Presents, Live Nation, Songkick, and a number of artists such as Saint Jhn, Danileigh, and Dj VryWvy. He also has experience in sports photography working for  St. Edward's University, photographing basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Levi also has experience in fashion and lifestyle photography, having served as as a director of photography for a local fashion magazine, and having worked with brands like Toms, Chubbies Shorts, JBL Audio, GNC Lifestyle, Volcom Stone, Defend New Orleans, Latchkey Kids, Dr. Marten's, Crocs, Syva Apparel, and more.

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